Thursday, April 11, 2013

Training: 4/10/2013

HRV:101 (-1/green)
HR: 53

AM Training:

A. Split Jerk:5 x 1; rest 3 min (from blocks) (290,305,315(f),317.5(f),320(f))
B. Power Clean: 6 x 1; rest 90 sec (225,235,245,255,265,275,285(f),285(f),285(f),265)
C. One Arm Torso Rows: 3 x 6,4,2/arm @30X0, rest 75 sec b/t arms (96x3)

Notes: Woke up this morning with my right biceps tendon killing me.  I was getting a sharp pain when I lifted my arm.  I went to Dr. Khatami's this morning and got some work done but it didn't feel all that better.  I think it's just one of those things that I will wake up tomorrow morning feeling better.

Got to my workout, but didn't have much time so I quickly did some mobility and tech work and got to my split jerks.  Today's focus was catching in a lower receiving position and feeling the load in my legs, not in my upper body and lower back.  Building up felt good and I had no misses all the way up to 305 (didn't get on film).  Went to 315 and missed it with a soft lock-out.  I pumped it up to 317.5 because I was confident I could make it.  I was able to stick it, but lost it in the limited space between the blocks and the weights slipped off the end of the bar.  I decided to go up to 320 and give that a go.  I got under it, but I couldn't lock it out and missed it behind.  Though I didn't hit any tremendous weight, I thought I made a big step forward in my technique.

From there, I quickly got into my power cleans.  Technique was quite there today, but the intensity was.  I was feeling confident and ripping the bar off the floor.  Built up to 275 with no misses then decided to make a jump a PR.  I cleaned it twice but it smushed me down into the hole where I stood twice.  Dropped back down to 265 to hit a clean rep.  Good news, I can clean 285 pretty regularly.  I need to get the bar farther back on the pull.  I am not feeling the tension in my hamstrings and glutes as much so I fish for tension on the quads.  Need to stay back and continue the pull so I don't bump the bar out as much as I do.

Finished off with some heavy rows which felt good.

PM Training:

AMRAP in 10 min @80%: (HR 160 +/- 5bpm)
Run 400m
3 Muscle Ups + 3 Ring Dips
12 Box Jumps 24" (step down)
Result: 2 Rounds + 400m + 3 MU + 6 BJ
--4 min recovery--
AMRAP in 10 min @80%:  (HR 160 +/- 5bpm)
VC 150 feet
8 Balls Slams (subbed for 10 GHD Situps)
15 Back Extensions
Results: 4 rounds + VC
--4 min recovery--
AMRAP in 10 min @80%:  (HR 160 +/- 5bpm)
Airdyne 30 cals
25m Bear Crawl
15 Situps
Results: 3 rounds + 15 cals

Notes: Went home after my class and took a small nap.  Felt good waking up and headed back to gym for my second session.  The temperature warmed up a bit, but it wasn't too bad (I have felt much hotter, and it will be getting much hotter soon).  The challenge today was keeping the heart rate in check, as my body was feeling very good.  Muscle ups got my heart rate on the rise right from the beginning and had to slow down on the box jumps to keep it in check.  Subbed ball slams for GHD situps as the situps jack my back up.  Third AMRAP felt the best as I am now much more under control and consistant on the airdyne.

Felt really good afterward.

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