Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Training: 3/5/2013

HRV: 99 (-6/green)
HR: 53

A. Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch + Snatch Balance: 4 x 1+1+2; rest 3 min (75% effort) (165,175,185,200(f))
B. Push Press: 3 x 4 @75%1RM; rest 2 min (215)
C. Wtd Chin-Up: 3 x 4 @75%1RM, rest 2 min (75)
D. DB Side Bend, heavy: 3 x 6-8/side; rest 45 sec b/t sides (100,110,110)

Notes:  Felt like I wanted to maul someone today.  After the day off and no caffeine yesterday, I was amped up to train.  I wanted to get the nasty taste of Sunday's workout out of my mouth.  I not understand that my strength is building, but the volume is definitely suppressing my true power.  Shoulders felt at about 85% today and it definitely showed.  I was much more strong in the catch and the weights were going up easy.  I felt fast.  Went for 200lbs. on my last complex, but forgot the second power snatch because I was so fired up.  Didn't want to push it because I know what the end of the week has in store.  Pull is feeling strong.

Push presses felt light and fast.  Very light as compared to what I have been doing.  Jumped right into the chin-ups without build up and was able to hit 3 clean reps each time and then one iffy rep.  Lower back is still a little smoked from Sunday, but I finished up with side bends.

I was very fired up today with good energy.  I hope this is the building of a storm.......

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