Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Training: 3/26/2013

HRV: 103 (+6/green)
HR: 51

AM Training:
A. Muscle Snatch: 2 x 3 @40% of Snatch; rest 60 sec (95)
B. Power Clean + Clean: 3 x 2+1; rest 2 min (60% of Clean 1RM)(172.5)
C. Push Press + Jerk: 3 x 2+1; rest 2 min (60% of Jerk 1RM)(190)
D. Bulgarian Ring Dips: 2 x 8-12 @2111, rest 2 min (10,8)

Notes: Felt pretty good heading into this workout.  Knowing that I had percentage work, I wasn't too fired up.  I had some things that I wanted to focus on and I tried my best to do so.  

Muscle snatches were light and explosive, but I noticed in looking at the videos afterward I wasn't dropping my hips during extension and that was bumping the bar out just a hair.  Same goes with the power cleans, though the catch is much easier on the cleans so its easier to get away with that.  Push press were heavy today after doing the tempo push presses the day before.  My triceps were sore.  Bulgarian ring dips are always tough.

PM Training:
Run 3k @85%
Time: 12:57

Notes: Rested (coached classes) for about 3 hours and then hit this run.  Felt in my warm-up that my hamstrings were tight and sore, but with the beautiful day and good training thoughts, I gave it a good effort.  Wanted to hit negative splits during the run, but not overdo it based upon the prescribed percentage of the workout.  First 800 was run in 3:24 and felt good.  Caught my stride about half way through and ended the last 700m in under 3min.  Body was a bit sore afterward but overall I felt good.  For not doing any conditioning but one 20min airdyne session/week, I am pretty pleased with the result of this run.

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