Saturday, March 23, 2013

Training: 3/23/2013

HRV: 103 (-1/green)
HR: 52

AM Training:
A. Snatch: heavy single, then 3 x 1 @80% of that (~1 min rest) (205)
B. Clean & Jerk: heavy single, then 3 x 1 @80% of that (same) (265, 285(clean no jerk)
C. Back Squat: heavy single, then 85%of that 2 x 2; rest 3 min (335, 285)
D. Reverse Hyper (Back Extensions): 2x12 @ 2012; rest 90 sec (50lbs.)

Notes: Snatches felt good warming up.  Shoulders were a bit fresher and bottom position felt good  Unfortunately, as the weights got a little bigger, I starting banging the bar out a bit.  I need to drop the hips in and under as I continue the pull.  

Back felt good after the snatches so I knew that if my technique was right, I could put up a good number on the clean and jerk.  Built up to 285 and missed the jerk.  Just too difficult standing up from the clean, and to be honest, my brain wasn't in it.  If the pressure was on, I think I could have given a better go, but I just didn't want to fight for the jerk.  Drop down sets felt good.

Went heavier this week than I did last week on back squats.  Found that I need to drive the knees out at the bottom of the squat to maintain tension in my glutes.  This makes it easier to get out of the hole.  Couldn't get upstairs for reverse hypers so I did back extensions instead.

PM Training:
Airdyne 10 min @Z1
Airdyne 5 min @HR~160-165/rest 2 min x 3
Set  Avg. Watts  Cals
1           262          94
2           260          91
3           252          90

Notes: felt better this week than last week.  Did this outside in the sun/wind because it was a bit cooler outside of the gym.  Found that the first set my heart rate was lower so it took some time to climb to 165.  The other sets, my HR got to 165 much sooner so I couldn't average as many watts without going over 165 BPM.  Overall held the same power for 2 additional minutes than week.

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