Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Training: 3/18/2013

HRV: 96 (-9/green)
HR: 54


A. Snatch: heavy single, then 3 x 1 @80% of that (~1 min rest) (195/155)
B. Clean: heavy single, then 3 x 1 @80% of that (same) (280/225)
C. Back Squat: heavy single, then 85% of that 2 x 2; rest 3 min (325/275)
D. DB Back Extensions: 3 x 8-10 @2012, rest 90 sec (44)

Notes: Felt pretty good coming off a rest day.  Body felt good and I got a good night's sleep.  Warmed up as usual and got to work.  Building up to my heavy single snatch, I noticed that my shoulders were still not supporting the weight on the catch as I would like to.  The pull feels great, but it's just heavy on the catch.  Also, left lower back is tightening up during workouts.

Finally broke through today on the clean hitting 280.  I think the smal tweaks I made in my technique last week are starting to pay dividends as my catch in the clean is allowing me to be more powerful in the stand up.  Drop down sets felt really easy.

Legs were roasted from cleans so building up to single back squat was tough. Had to get to the drop down sets and back extensions after class.  By glutes were lit up from back extensions.

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