Sunday, March 17, 2013

Training: 3/16/2013

HRV: 100(-/green)
HR: 52

AM Training:
A. Snatch: heavy single, then 5 x 1 @75% of that (~1 min rest) (197.5/150)
B. Clean & Jerk: heavy single, then 5 x 1 @75% of that (same) (275/205)
C. Front Squat: heavy single, then 80% 2 x 2; rest 3 min (285/230)
D. DB Back Extensions: 3 x 8-10 @2012, rest 90 sec (40lbs. x 3)

Notes: Woke up early before work and got to the gym.  Was feeling a little tired, but I felt pretty good and fired up to train.  As I warmed up, I noticed my shoulders were very tired.  I think I was feeling the dampening effects of my massage yesterday.  The pull continues to feel better each time I lift.  Catch was just a little soft because of the tired shoulders.  Drop down sets went well.  

Built up to 275 on the clean and jerk.  On the way up, I was feel good, but not great.  After I hit 275, I was pretty fired up and jumped to 282.5 but just couldn't stand up with it.  Front squats felt good but just barely missed 305.  Hit some back extensions with 40lbs. to finish off my workout.

Airdyne 10 min @Z1
Airdyne 3 min @HR~160-165/rest 2 min x 3
   Avg. Watts
1. 258
2. 252
3. 253

Notes: Felt good going into this workout.  

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