Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Training: 3/12/2013

HRV: 81 (-18/amber)
HR: 62


A. Snatch: heavy single, then 5 x 1 @75% of that (~1 min rest)
B. Clean: heavy single, then 5 x 1 @75% of that (same)
C. Front Squat: heavy single, then 80% 2 x 2; rest 3 min
D. DB Back Extensions (read wrong: DB Ext. Rotation): 3 x 8-10 @2012, rest 90 sec

Notes: I think yesterday threw my whole body out of whack.  Had a tough time getting to sleep and then was having funky dreams all night.  I suppose that is what happen after hitting the airdyne like I did yesterday.  With my HRV amber, I made sure not to push too hard today and be cautious of how my body felt throughout my warm-up.  Once I got to snatches I felt pretty good.  Not overly fired up, but good.  

Focused on the same thing I did yesterday on snatches, but after ward I realized I can be dropping my hips under the bar a little better.  by dropping them back, it was sending me too far backward and I wasn't in a good position to catch.  Missed 195, then came back to make in the next lift.  Rather than pushing any further, I dropped back down to hit my percentage singles.  

On the cleans, starting with the higher hips seemed to get me in a much better pulling position.  I feel tension in the posterior chain and I am not pulled forward off the floor.  Again, I could have dropped the hips better to get the bar elevated, but it didn't figure that out until later on.  My legs/brain and getting better by the day.  265 went up fairly easy so I made a jump to 277.5 (a personal best) and missed a couple times.  I racked it once but was unable to stand up.  I then dropped down for my singles.  The felt good.  

Finished off with heavy single front squat.  Nothing too special, but the front squats were heavy, as expected after doing all the work before hand.  I mistakenly did external rotation work instead of back extensions.  I don't think this will effect me too much.  

Feeling more confident by the day.

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