Thursday, March 28, 2013

Training: 3/27/2013

HRV: 98 (-6/amber)
HR: 48


A. Front Squat: 5 x 4 @20X0, rest 2 min (75% effort only) (205)
B. Snatch pull: 4 x 3; rest 2 min (85% of Snatch) (190)
C. Jerk: 2 x 3 @70%; 2 x 2 @75%; 2 x 2 @80% - rest 2 min (225,235,245)
D. Wtd Chin-Up (parallel grip if possible): 2 x 4-6 @30X0, rest 2 min (49)
E. Airdyne 6 sec hard/54 sec easy spin x 10 - record HR at end of 10th interval and again 1 min after completion
(performed 54sec easy, then 6sec hard.  After final set: 171BPM.  1min After: 128BPM)

Notes: Took me a while to get warm today because I was sore from the running yesterday.  Legs were just tight.  Felt good after the warm-up and I was ready to rock.  Front squats felt good and I focused on keeping good position and driving up out of the whole.  Still working on the bar path with the snatches.  Saw that I was still bumping the bar out a bit, so I went back to the drawing board in the evening to examine what was going on.  I think I get caught up in some of the technical aspects of the hips and forget the main focus of the lift: to get the bar going up and stay on the heels.  If I focus on that, everything else seems to fall into place.  

Jerks felt good despite my shoulders being sore.  Focused on getting the back knee down to get lower under the bar.  When the weight is heavier, I have to rely on getting under, and not having the bar height.  Having trouble bringing bars back down from overhead for some reason.  Wtd. Chins felt good.  

Went right from chins to the airdyne to do my short intevals.  I was getting the wattage up to over 1300 each time.  I have never been able to do that before.  The heart rate was getting up each time, and the intervals hurt a bit.  Last set I got my HR to 171.  One minute after the interval was over I was at 128 BPM.  That is a fairly quick recovery.  

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