Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Training: 2/6/2013

HRV: 94 (-8/amber)
HR: 57

A. Clean and Jerk: 8x1; rest 3min (235,245,255,265,275,282.5(fx3)
B1. SA Torso Row: 5x8,6,4,4,8 @ 30x0; rest 90sec (65,80,96,114,90)
B2. GHD Situps: 5x25; rest 90sec (unbroken x 5)

Notes: Body is pretty smoked from yesterday's training.  Body and mind I suppose.  Just no fire today.  Got a decent night's sleep but just didn't have pop.  Went to the doc then got to the gym to get my workout started.  

Got right in and got to clean and jerks.  No need to waste my time with mobility when my body just felt like crap.  Didn't matter how much mobility I did, my brain wasn't coming around.

On my way up, my pull felt great.  So much better than last week.  I still have the thoughts in my head from Monday's power cleans.  I was going forward a little bit, but that was just because I am not yet used to the pull.  The catch felt so much cleaner, all the way up to 275.  282.5 had good height, but was a hair forward each time.  I have that weight next time.  

Went heavier than last week on rows and they felt pretty good.  Situps went okay, no problem with the extra set.  Today was a bit of a let down, but I have to keep reminding myself that you have to keep grinding.  I jumped up 5 lbs. since last week and with the tweak in my technique, I am setting myself up for bigger numbers.  Time for a day off, my brain hurts.  

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