Thursday, February 28, 2013

Training: 2/28/2013

HRV: 98 (-3/green)
HR: 53

Notes: I woke up with morning feeling pretty good.  As I warmed up, everything felt pretty heavy.  My brain was under some fatigue.  Back squats felt fairly heavy.  Didn't push it too hard here but I went a bit heavier than last week on the 330lb. double.

Cleans are getting better, but I am still having trouble standing up with the heavier weights.  Noticed I was pulling straight up off the floor instead of getting the bar back into my heels. This was throwing off my catch.  I missed 270lbs. three times, but once I stayed back I was able to hit it on the fourth attempt.  

Clean pulls felt good and I practiced geting the bar back and staying back through the pull.  Front squats were tough but I felt I got some good work in there.  With my head hurting the entire workout, I was happy with some of the weights I hit.

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