Monday, February 25, 2013

Training: 2/24/2013

HRV: 100 (+1/green)
HR: 48


A. Back Squat: 2 x 2-3 @80-90%; rest 3 min (315,325)
B. Clean: 5 x 1; rest 4 min (265,270(f),272.5(f),280(f),282.5(f))
C. Clean Pull: 3 x 1.1.1; rest 15 sec/4 min (265,275,285)
D. Back Squat: 2 x 2 @80-90%; rest 3 min (315,335(1))

Notes: I flip flopped my weekend workouts because I wanted to workout with Jason on Sunday. That combined with a long work weekend left me feeling a little weak, but I was pretty fired up so I was not going to let that stop me from going hard.

Back squats felt slow on the first go around.  Even though I was able to go heavier than last week, they felt heavy.

The pull in the clean felt good.  I felt like it was getting good height and I was catching pretty well, but as the weights got heavier I just got buckled and couldn't get out of the hole.  Again this could have been from the fatigue of the last few days, but I don't see the numbers going up here like they are on my other classic lifts (ie: push press, back squat, deadlift).  The clean has a big mental acuity component, but I should be able to at least clean 270lbs. on an average day.  I think I need to get my front squat stronger.

Clean pulls were okay.  I was trying to focus on dropping the hips under the bar without throwing the shoulders back.  It is getting more and more comfortable.

On the second go around on back squats, I didn't have much left.  Frustrated by missing the second rep of 335lbs..  

I have been working more this month than last month so I know overall stress is a little higher but I still need to continue to grind hard.  Today was a frustrating day.  Just didn't perform all around like I wanted to.  I just have to take my medicine, and remind myself that there are always highs and lows in training.

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