Friday, February 1, 2013

Training: 2/1/2013

HRV: 104 (+1/red)
HR: 44

AM Training:
A. Clean Grip DL off podium w/chains: 6 x 5,4,3,2,1,1 @3111; rest 4 min (295,
B. Farmer's Walk: 4 x ~20 sec (heavy); rest 90 sec

Notes: Felt good this morning.  Slept straight through the night and was ready to train.  Warmed up with some dynamic stretching and a bit of posterior chain exercises to get ready for deadlifts.  Changed up the hip positioning today and it seemed to help.  Hips were set back a bit and a little lower.  Missed 365lbs. but came back to hit it.  I think my starting position was off.

Added some plates and chains to kettle bells for heavy farmer's walks.

PM Training:
A. Deadlift from Rack Pins: 5 x 3-5 @31X1, rest 3 min (335,355,375,390,405)
notes-bar just above patella, use straps
B1. BB Fwd Lunge: 3 x 16-20 alt'ng @20X0, rest 90 sec (95,105,135)
B2. Wtd. GH Raises: 3x5-7; rest 90sec (15,20,30)

Notes: Hit this one about 5 hours after the first workout.  Felt very good going into this workout and didn't take me long to warm-up.  The tops of my knees were bruised from this morning's deadlifts so that threw me off, but I felt good with the lock outs.  I kept my hips back and drove them through the bar.  Lunges lit up my glutes.  GH raises crushed my hamstrings.  I made sure to roll them out afterward to get rid of the tightness.  Tough day, but feel really good.

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