Sunday, February 10, 2013

Training: 2/10/2013

HRV: 99 (-/green)
HR: 50

AM Training:
10 min AD/mixed mobility warmup
Airdyne 30 sec @85%/30 sec @50% x 30 
AD 10 min @Z1

Notes: Woke up and got to the gym to hit this one.  Warmed up with 8min of mixed work and then did 30/30 on the AD increasing the intensity to warm the legs up.  I tried to keep the wattage at 424 for all sets.  I was unsuccessful on 4 of the 30 sets due to lack power output, not so much breathing.  Felt pretty goo afterward but legs were smoked.

PM Training:
A1. Bench Press: 4 x 5,3,1,5; rest 2 min (255,275,305,275)
A2. Wtd Chin Up: 4 x 5,3,1,5; rest 2 min (73,87,105,84(4))
B. 30 Muscle ups into HSPU, not for for time. (performed in doubles in about 25min)
C. Single Arm Scap Retractions: 3 x 4-5 @5 sec holds/arm; rest 45 sec b/t arms (complete)
D. Seated DB External Rotations, elbow on knee: 4 x 6-8 @2010, rest 60 sec (25lbs.-8,6,6,6,)

Notes: Was pretty beat heading into this workout, long day with work.  Was able to warm-up pretty quickly as is common when I train doubles.  Arms and shoulders were a bit fatigued but I was able to move heavy weight today.  Chin-ups have been getting stronger.  Limiter was the top of range of motion but it definitely feels stronger.  Didn't have too much trouble on the muscle up ring handstand pushups.  Just wanted to pace them in order to do solid reps....and not kill myself.  Felt good overall.  SA scap retractions were tough because my hands are pretty beat up. External rotations was tough.

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