Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Training: 1/8/2013

HRV: 97 (+7/green)


Warmup 10 min @Z1
Versaclimber 2 min @85%aerobic/rest until HR returns to 130bpm 
x 12 (track cals? (reps)/rest time)

Notes: I again woke up at 4am, but I got right back to sleep and got up at 7am (in bed at 10pm and asleep by about 10:30pm). Woke up this morning with good energy, grabbed my shake and got right to the gym.  Warmed up for 10min with rope skipping, airdyne, and rower before I got right to my intervals on the versa climber.  I knew that the resistance would not be enough on the versa climber, so I threw my 40lb. weight vest on.  Heart rate was getting much higher on the versa climber than on the Airdyne, which is to be expected since I am standing on the versa climber and sitting on the airdyne.  Also, I got much hotter on the versa climber (weighted vest traps heat, and there is no fan blowing in my face).  Took longer for my HR to get back down (about 1:20) to recovery pace, most likely because of the increase in HR, the body position, and the body temperature.  Felt good throughout even though my HR reached 184 BPM on the last couple of intervals.  Didn't feel systemic fatigue, just some localized fatigue in my forearms and quads.  Felt good afterward, with good energy.

8 rounds @Z1 (sub 140bpm):
1 min AD Sandbag Pickup + Put down (36" box)
1 min Row
1 min Skipping Rope
1 min Versa Climber Natural Movements/Flow
1 min Run

Notes: completed at around 3pm in the after noon.  Felt good throughout and kept the HR under 140BPM (used HR monitor).  Was mindful of belly breathing.  It doesn't feel really comfortable (it kind of feels like I have indigestion), but my heart rate seems to drop a few beats when I do it.  

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