Monday, January 7, 2013

Training: 1/5/2013

HRV: 89 (-7/green)
HR: 59


20 min AD/mixed mobility warmup
Airdyne 30 sec @85%/30 sec @50% x 20
AD 10 min @Z1

Notes: Woke up at 2:30am and had trouble getting back to sleep.  Ate grilled chicken wings that night and I think the bolus of protein in my stomach prior to going to bed made more temperature increase about 30 degrees.  I woke up feeling a bit sluggish, but had better spirits once I got to the gym.

For my warm-up, I did 1min: airdyne, primal crawls, row, sandbag pickups, and running.

Airdyne went well.  I have been doing 2min intervals, so this was a breeze comparatively.  Average watts was about 325.

For the ten minute cooldown, I combined 1min airdyne with 1min holds. 

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