Monday, January 28, 2013

Training: 1/28/2013

HRV: 96 (-3/amber)
HR: 58


A. Front Squat: 6 x 3,2,1,3,2,1 @20X2; rest 4 min (260,275,297.5,275,300(1),302.5(f))
notes-take it easy on the 1st wave, heavier on 2nd
B. Power Clean clusters: 3 x 2.2.2; rest 20 sec/3 min (225,230,232.5(4))
C. Back Squat: 2 x 6-8,12-15 @30X0, rest 2 min (265(6),225(8))

Notes: Woke up and felt good today.  Got the gym and hit the workout after some mobility and dynamic stretching.  Played it conservative on the first wave of front squats but made sure to go heavy enough so that when I made my jump on the next wave, my CNS would be prepared.  297.5 didn't feel too bad.  I have been wanting to break the 300lb. mark for a long time on my front squat.  Now I have to keep getting bigger from here and not get complacent or afraid to go bigger.  I have more in me, I just have to train it out.

Power cleans felt good today but my legs were a bit jello-y after the front squats.  Wasn't dropping under the bar cleanly after the pull and the legs were splitting a bit.  My bar wasn't spinning very well either.  Turns out that the collars were bone dry and in need of some grease, spinning well now (thanks maintenance man!).  Didn't have much left by the back squats.  Barely got 6 on the first set, from there it was a struggle with my lower back on fire.

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