Sunday, January 20, 2013

Training: 1/19/2013

HRV: ? (wasn't working)
HR: ?

AM Training:
10min Z1 Warm-up
30sec @ 85% aer
30sec @ 50%

Notes: Felt good this morning.  Good energy and body felt good.  Quads were burning a bit, but I was able to keep an average wattage of 379 over each of the intervals (some a bit higher, some a little lower).  Good energy afterward.

PM Training:

A. Strict Muscle ups: 8 x 1 rep@very slow tempo; rest 90 sec
notes-as slow up AND down as possible, report concentric/eccentric times
B1. Bench Press clusters: 3 x; rest 20 sec/3 min (230,240,250)
B2. Wtd Chin Up clusters: 3 x; rest 20 sec/3 min (44,49,55)
C. Single Arm Scap Retractions: 3 x 2-3 @3 sec holds/arm; rest 45 sec b/t arms (complete)
D. Seated DB External Rotations, elbow on knee: 3 x 8-10 @2010, rest 60 sec (20lbs.)

Notes:  My younger brother is in town and we decided to hit this workout together.  It was good to have a stronger athlete around to give me the push on both the pullups and bench press.  I definitely wouldn't have gone as heavy as I didn't if he wasn't pushing the weight up each time.  It wasn't necessarily a competition thing, it was more of a belief in my mind that I should be able to do heavier weights.  Second exposure to bench press in a while, so it was more comfortable this week than last week.

Chin-ups felt good, but it just seems stuck at the top.  Not sure what's going on here.  Scap retractions beat up my hands.  Ext rotations felt good.

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