Friday, January 18, 2013

Training: 1/18/2013

HRV: 104 (+5/green)
HR: 48

A. Clean Grip DL off podium w/chains: 6 x 7,7,5,5,5,4 @3111; rest 4 min (+80lbs. chains) (205,225,245,275,295,315)
B. Standing BB Good Mornings (cambered bar if you have one): 4 x 6-8 @4010, rest 2 min (75,95,105,115)
C. GHD Raise w/band: 4 x 8-10 @20X0, rest 90 sec (BW x 4)
D. Crosswalk: 6 x 30 sec/rest 30 sec (switch high/low hand each rest break) (65lbs./12kg)

Notes: Didn't get a great nights sleep.  Woke up early and felt okay, just not well rested.  I was slated to take an epsom salt bath last night but I forgot.  

Got to the gym and warmed up thoroughly because the temperature dropped a good 20 degrees.    Left glute has been bothering me since Wednesday but it really didn't give me too much trouble today.  Haven't done deadlifts with chains before, so I made sure to set things up properly and warm-up to working weights.  Clean gripped deadlifted with shins forward a bit, focusing on sweeping the bar into the hips, rather than setting up with vertical shins and using a powerlifting deadlift.  

Didn't feel the good mornings anywhere but the core and lower back.  Odd.

GH raises felt good.  Couldn't use band without overly engaging lower back, so kept it to body weight.  

Crosswalks felt good today.  Shoulders were able to get back and stay back in a good position.

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