Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Training: 1/16/2013

HRV: ??? (wouldn't pick up heart rate)
HR: 48

A. Split Jerk: 6 x 2,2,2,1,1,1; rest 2 min (265,275,275,285,295,305)
B1. EROM HSPU (off 45lb plate): 4 x amrap(-1); rest 105 sec (8,8,8,8)
B2. No Ft Rope Climb, negative portion slow as possible: 4 x 15'; rest 105 sec (good)
C. Alternate EMOM for 12 min: (complete unbroken)
odd min- 10 GHD Situps
even min- 7 L Pullups

Notes: Woke up today and took my HRV.  Unfortunately, even while sitting up, the HRV wouldn't pick up my heart rate.  It was reading it at 106 BPM.  I took my heart rate by hand and it was at 48 BPM.  I suppose with all of the aerobic training my parasympathetic nervous system is getting my HR very low when I sleep.

Felt okay at the gym today, not especially fired up because I haven't jerked in a while and the last time I did, I was terrible.  I was watching some videos this morning and doing some reading and I decided to simplify everything.  Down, up, down, head through.  I have never looked at my jerk from the side before.  On the drive I was getting slightly forward.  As soon as I did that, it felt much better.  Also, I needed to get the bar back more.  In the lighter weights I was, but as it got heavier I stopped being as agressive.  I hit 305, but then went at it again and really committed to getting the bar back.  Locked it out, and I was pumped.

Moved on to the HSPU and they felt money.  Kept a good body line, elbows in, and kept good positioning throughout.  Rope climbs felt easy.

No problems on the EMOM.  Tough to hold legs on the last few set because my abs were getting fatigued.  A plus though, no lower back pain during GHD situps.  Just need to remember to keep the butt on, and ribcage down.

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