Saturday, December 1, 2012


HRV: 88 (-7/amber)
HR: 58.5
Click Test: 81

20min Versa-Climber (slow cadence, high resistance)
rest 8min
x 2 sets

Notes: Overate a little last night and had a bit of restless sleep.  Got up feeling okay however and did well on my click test so I decided to go at my workout unchanged.  Warmed up with an 800m run and then did a few minutes of foam rolling.  Threw the 40lb. weight vest on and got to work.  Since it was a longer interval I threw the lap top next to me and watched 30 for 30 9.79*.  Got threw the intervals with no real problem although it was tough to keep my heart rate down without keeping the cadence at around 40 rpm.  Feeling very good with these intervals and just judging from warm-up runs, my breathing is very solid right now.    

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