Sunday, December 9, 2012

Training: 12/8/2012

HRV: 85 (-15/green)
HR: 61

45min Z1 Work

Notes: Woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  HRV was really reading my heart rate (probably too low).  It took about 15minutes to get a reading and when it did I was at -15.  I had recovery work today anyway so I didn't mind either way.  Had just airdyne scheduled but I decided to change it up for the first 35 minutes and did mixed modal work (airdyne, row, rope skipping, stair climb, and run).  The last 10minutes was spent on the airdyne.  Felt pretty good but I know I have to eat more since I am down a few pounds.  Long week with little time for food.  Have to be careful with this!

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