Saturday, December 29, 2012

Training: 12/29/2012

Made of white gold...........

HRV: 87 (-6/amber)
HR: 63


15 min Z1 warmup
12 sec Low Prowler Push tough/rest 'til HR 135 x 8 (used 50lbs.)
5 min active rest--
Row 5k @75% (19:59.8)

Notes:  Woke up this morning a bit earlier than normal.  Got up and got to the gym.  Warmed up with 15min of airdyne, row, skipping rope, light wall balls, and running (1min each).  12sec intervals hurt after set 5.  It was a systemic pain which would lead me to believe that lactate was building in my system.

Felt pretty good on the row.  Held a 2min pace for the first 2500m, then I bumped it up to 2:02.  From there I dropped it one second every 500m.  Heart rate averaged 174 during the 5k, and maxed out at 179.  Felt about 75% during the entire row.

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