Monday, December 24, 2012

Training: 12/24/2012

HRV: 96 (-/green) (seems that my heart rate chest strap was whacked out so I took out the battery and it seems to be working correctly now)
HR: 55

A. Back Squat: 5 x 3,1,2,1,6; rest 4min (305, 325, 325, 345, 305)
B. Hang Power Clean + Jerk: 3 x 2 + 1; rest 3 min (235, 250, 267.5 (f))
C. Airdyne 2 min @85%aerobic/rest until HR returns to 130bpm x 5 (track cals/rest time)
1. 44/:52
2. 43/:56
3. 46/1:03
4. 45/ :58
5. 45/ :54
Mobility work - hip focus (SMFR, pelvic tilts, long lunge stretches)

Notes: Felt pretty sharp today but my strength was just not there.  Must be the three days in a row training, otherwise, I had a very solid training session today.  

Back squat technique is feeling solid.  No knee buckling of the knees, back is staying nice and neutral.  Just need to keep getting stronger with this technique.  The set of 6 reps almost made me puke out of my eyes.

Still getting used to keeping hips back during the pull for hang power cleans, so as the weight got heavier, I had a harder time staying over the bar.  A few more touches here and I know I will be squared away.  Tough getting momentum from the high hang but hitting 267.5 is nice in itself.  Just a hair away from hitting for a double.  

Airdyne felt good.  Hit a couple of sets at 65 and 75% before getting into the intervals.  Heart rate maxed out at 178 BPM but my heart rate came down each time in less than a minute for all but one interval.  Increasing the duration but keeping the power output the same gives me good confidence that I am increasing my fitness.  Hit some hip mobility afterward.

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