Friday, December 14, 2012

Training: 12/14/2012

HRV: Not working

A.  2 Power Snatch: EMOM x 20min (add per set) (155,160,165,170(1),170,170,175,175,175,175,175,180,180,180,180,165,165,165)
B1. Back Squat: 5x5 @ 10x0; rest 20sec (use weight with fast, constant concentric) (205,225x4)
B2. Box Jumps for height: 5x1.1.1; rest 4min (step down) (33,36,39,42,44)
C. Petersen Step-ups: 3x15,12,10 @ 1010; rest 45sec b/t legs (95,105,125)

Notes: I left my heart rate monitor in the living room so I didn't bother taking my HRV today.  I felt pretty good, and body felt surprisingly fresh.

Warmed up with some jump roping and slam balls.  Then hit a bit of mobility.  I think my brain was not working because I thought that this workout was not going to be that taxing.  I figured I would be going much heavier than I did, but boy was this workout tough.  Started lighter, but the little tweak in technique that I have been practicing hasn't quite taken hold yet.  I can see when I miss that the hips go to the bar, but I think this happens because I don't push far enough back with the bar, and as I initiate the pull, my hips travel forward.  

I tweaked my form on my back squats pushing the hips back and staying back to load more of the butt and hamstrings.  This felt solid today, but I am not sure if it allows me to stay as vertical.  I will play around with it some more.  Box jumps felt very good.  Petersen step ups were okay.  Tough on the quads, but nothing crazy.  

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