Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Training: 12/12/2012

HRV: 96 (-2/green)
HR: 58

A1. Press: 4,2,4,1 @ 20x1; rest 2min (165,185,175,195,207.5(f))
A2. Pull to Inversion: 4xAMRAP @ 3131; rest 2min (4,3,3,3)
B1. Push Press: 3x3 @ 60x1; rest 2min (205(2), 195, 200)
B2. Front Lever Negatives: 3x3 @ 61x1; rest 2min (1, 2xhalf tuck)
C. L-Pullups: 30 reps w/ perfect technique, rest as needed

Notes: Got a good night's sleep.  Had a eye cover by my bed and I put it on when I woke up in the morning so I didn't let the light wake me up.  Got up and ate right away.  Waited about 2.5 hours and then started to warm-up for my workout.  I think full emptying of the gut allowed for a better workout.  Need to let myself digest a bit longer more consistently (which means getting up eating and then taking enough time before the workout).  

Press felt pretty good today.  195 was like butter, but new PB was just out of reach for today.  I found that the ring inversion are also just outside my reach.  I can get to parallel to the ground, but then I don't have enough strength in my lats to start inverting. 

Push presses were brutal with the long tempo.  Found that my stick point in the press was also the hardest spot to control during the push press negatives.  Went down in weight after the first set to allow for full control during my stick point.  Couldn't control the negatives on the front levers so I switched to 1/2 tuck after the first set.  Again, the lats are just not strong enough yet.

L-pullups felt very good.  The first two sets I noticed I felt it much more in my arms and biceps.  After that I though about using more of my back and the fatigue in my arms decreased.  Performed the 30 reps in sets of 5 and it took a total of 7:30 to complete, making sure to keep a proper L position on each rep.

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