Monday, December 10, 2012

Training: 12/10/2012

HRV: 94 (-/green)
HR: 58

A. Back Squat: 4,2,4,1 @ 30x2; rest 5min (295,325,305,345(f))
B. Back Squat Eccentrics: 3x1 @ 50A0; rest 3min (365,345,345)
C. Back Squat: 1x8-10 @ 30x0 (255)
D. Hang Power Clean + Jerk: 4x3+1; rest 3min (215,230,240,255)

Notes: Had a decent night's sleep last night but I was feeling a little off mentally.  Got to gym and got a good warm-up in.  Noticed that my strength felt good, but mentally was just not there.  My body just wouldn't respond.  Could have been lack of rest this weekend, or it could be just a low in training.  Squats felt heavy today.  I find that higher reps/tempo are fine, but just putting a heavy bar on my back is HARD.  Bottom of squat just isn't strong on the eccentric.  Once I get below parallel, I can't really stop the bar.  Felt good on the set of 10 though, hitting a solid, tough weight.

Hang power cleans were a little off today.  Not staying back and through my heels as I bring my hips through, throwing the bar out a bit.  

*** through in some C.o.C. training between sets of back squats.  5reps with #1 each hand between sets.  After the workout I did 3 sets of wrist roller w/ 30lbs.  Going to be throwing this in the twice a week during lower body workout.

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