Monday, November 5, 2012

Training: 11/5/2012

HRV: 90 (+11/green)
HR: 58

AM Training:
5min Z1 Airdyne
2min @ 80%
2min @ 50%
x 3
-rest 5min
2min @ 80%
2min @ 50%
5min Z1

PM Training:
A. Power Clean off Blocks: 3x5; rest 2min (moderate weight) (195,205,215)
B. Back Squat: 10,8,6,4 @ 30x1; rest 2-3min (80% effort, focus on recruitment) (165,195,225,255)
C. BB Split Squat: 2x4-6 @ 30x0; rest 90sec b/t sides (115,135)
D. Front Squat: 4x5 @ 21x0; rest 3min (80% effort, focus on recruitment) (165,185,195,205)
E. Yoke Carry: 5x35sec; rest 50sec (255, 305, 325,325)

Notes: Airdyne went okay in the morning.  Felt a little tired and groggy going into this one.  Need to warm-up a little better because the fatigue in my legs accumulates pretty quickly and it tends to be the limiter.  Legs were a bit fatigued afterward but nothing crazy.

Had decent energy going into my second workout, but my legs were just dead.  Power cleans felt good but my knees were aching afterward.  Squats felt heavy, but focused on good technique and tight midline.  Can't keep my knee from dropping in slightly on the way out of the hole.  I think I push my knees out to get more vertical in the hole.  When I come out the track back in.  Anterior knees felt cranky after the split squats (patellar pain).  Notice on my front squats I can't come out of the whole vertically.  I think this is my limiter in my front squat.  My back angle is forward and it puts a lot of pressure on my upper back to hold the bar.  Yoke carry felt okay on my midsection, but again, my knees were a little achy.  

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