Saturday, November 3, 2012

Training: 11/3/2012

HRV: 85 (-8/green)
HR: 61

A. Ring Series x 3; rest 5min

  • Strict muscle ups AMRAP (-1) 4,4,4
  • Strict Ring Dips AMRAP (-2) 6,7,7
  • Max L-Sit Hold 15,13,12
  • Roll through to hang
  • Single Leg 360 Pull
  • Strict Ring Pullups AMRAP (-2) 2,1,1

B. Ring HSPU: 3xAMRAP (-2) @ 30x2; rest 2min (6,4,5)
C1. GHD Side Situps: 3x5-8 @ 2020; rest 30sec b/t sides (20x3)
C2. Dragon Flags: 3x5 @ 5count neg.; rest 60sec
D. DB Incline Cuban Press: 3x6-8 @ 3021; rest 90sec (15,12,12)

Notes: Got to sleep later than usual and had a later than usual dinner.  Over stuffed going to bed made me restless.  Woke up a little groggy.  Got to my workout after class and personal training and I wasn't too fired up.  Hit some strict pullups and wall balls before getting to handstand holds and ring supports.  Still having trouble with freestands. Just can't get straight and stacked.  It's definitely not a strength thing.  I just need to get set in the right position.  

Ring series went okay today though my pec/front delts were very tight today, preventing a bit of external rotation and proper overhead position.  Ring HSPU were okay though there was a knot in the strap that made sliding my legs up very uncomfortable.  

Tried to remain hollow during dragon flags and not overextend.  Side situps were much tougher this week.  Cuban press was challenging because shoulders were smoked.  Went heavier on first set and really was getting good ROM so dropped for sets 2 and 3.

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