Thursday, November 29, 2012

Training: 11/28/2012

HRV: 100 (+8/green)
HR: 53
Click Test: 81

A. Strict Muscle Ups: 3xAMRAP(-1); rest 3min (5,5,5)
B1. Press: 5x1.1.1 @ 20x1; rest 90sec (165,180,180,182.5,185)
B2. 360 Pulls, 1/2 tucked: 5x1.1.1.1; rest 90sec (4,4,4,4,4)
C1. Wtd. Bar Dips: 3x8-10 @ 20x0; rest 60sec (44,49,54)
C2. Pendlay Rows: 3x4-6 @ 11x0; rest 60sec (135,145,155)
D1. DB Inc. Cuban Press: 3x4-6 @ 2011; rest 60sec (15x3)
D2. DB Side Bends: 3x8/side @ 2020; rest 30sec b/t sides then 60sec (96x3)

Notes: Went to bed on time last night and woke up right around 6am with very little desterbances throughout the night.  Didn't overeat the night before and was very relaxed before hand.  Woke up feeling good and ready to train.

Warmed up the back, thorax, and forearms and got to work on muscle ups.  They felt very strong, but I made sure not to go toward failure.  Once I practice kipping again, I know I will have a good capacity here.

Press was TOUGH today.  Doing clusters is a WHOLE different ball game then sets of 2 or 3.  Putting down the weight and starting from 0 tension/rebound each time it hard.  Had to really tough out the last 4 sets.  Happy with my effort here.

The extra 360 pull each set was taxing.  Tough on the back today (maybe a little fried from versa climber?).  

Dips felt good today.  Burned like hell, but 10 reps usually does regardless of the weight if you are doing them without pauses.  Rows felt better today.

Slowed down the reps on the cuban press and I was able to control the weight a lot more easily.  Tough but felt good.  Side bends felt good this week.

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