Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Training: 11/27/2012

HRV: 92 (-6/green)
HR: 59
Click Test: 81

AM Training:
12min Versa Climber (low cadence-high resistance-HR 150-160)
rest 8min
x 3sets
(set 1: no vest, set 2/3: 40lb. vest)

Notes:  Woke up a 2am last night and couldn't get back to sleep.  Ate too much too late and my stomach was dancing in the middle of the night.  Got back to sleep around 4:30 then woke up at 8am for my chiropractic session.  Hit the first workout afterward.  Had pretty good energy coming into the workout.  New what was to come so I was in a decent state of mind.  Warmed up with a 400m empty prowler push.  Boy did this get my calves COOKING!  Took about 6min which was a perfect warm-up for the versa climber.  Our VC doesn't have resistance settings so I was pondering whether or not to wear a weight vest.  I did the first set with cadence around 70-75 and my heart rate was barely geting into the 140s.  Decided to throw on a 40lb. weighted vest it lower the cadence for the next couple of sets.  That did the trick.  Cadence dropped to 55 and heart rate sat between 150 and 160.  It was a pretty terrible experience, but I grow more confident in my abilities after a workout like this.

PM Training:
5min Z1 Row
600m @ 75%
rest 2min
5min Z1 Row

Notes: Held 2:22 for all 600s (roughly a 2:00/500m pace).  No real trouble on this.  Kept my HR under 160.  Focused on good technique and breathing.  

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