Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Training: 11/20/2012

HRV: 86.8 (-10/amber)
HR: 58.5
Click Test: 75

AM Training:
5min Z1 Row
4 sets:
1000m @ 75%
rest 3min
5min Z1 Row


PM Training:
Run 10min @ Z1
30min Skill Work/Aer Plyos (HR under 140bpm):
GHD Situps
Wtd. Side Planks
HS Walking
Hurdle Jumps
Tumbling: Fwd/Bwd
MB Reverse Tosses
Hollow Holds

Notes: HRV was ambe today so I decided to skip the afternoon workout.  Did the row intervals this morning and I felt a little sluggish during the warm-up.  Not nearly as much fire as I had yesterday, but that is easy to see with row intervals.  I did some EMOM work with heavy KB swings and walls balls to get warm, then hit a little mobility to get the glutes and hams ready.  Legs were a little fatigued from weight training the day before, but I held a 1:55 for most of the row intervals.  HR avg. 156.  

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