Monday, November 19, 2012

Training: 11/19/2012

HRV: 97 (-1/green)
HR: 57
Click Test: 78

A. Back Squat: 8,8,6,6 @ 30x1; rest 2-3min (heavier if good recruiting) (215,235,265,285)
B. BB Split Squat: 2x4-6/leg @ 30x0; rest 90sec b/t legs (145,150)
C. Front Squat 1 1/4: 4x3 @ 32x0; rest 3min (165,185,185,205)
D. RDL: 3x5 @ 4010; rest 2min (195,215, 255)
E. Yoke Carry: 6x20sec; rest 1min (305,325,345,365,395,415)

Notes: Finally got a good night's sleep.  Woke up feeling fresh and ready to train.  Got to the gym and warmed up with some run sprints and HSPU, EMOM.  My legs were a little tired from squatting on Saturday, so I threw in an extra warm-up set so I would be right around the weights I would be hitting in my work sets.  Squatting felt good today and I felt I was staying in good positions.  No pain anywhere.  

Left leg definitely more comfortable on split squats (it shoes on video).  I don't necessarily think there is a strength discrepancy as much as there is a lack of mobility in my left hip which prevents good positioning.  Kept front squats a little lighter to keep better positioning.  Racking the bar with the upper back extended allows for better positioning. 

RDLs weren't bad.  Pushed the weight a bit.  Don't really feel this specifically anywhere, but I also focus on activating the lats to keep the bar close, hopefully this translates well into the classic lifts.  Went real heavy on BB walks, felt good and kept midline stable.

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