Saturday, November 17, 2012

Training: 11/17/2012

HRV: 98 (-1/green)
HR: 55
Click Test: 78

A. Snatch off Blocks: 3x1.1.1 (moderate); rest 2min (165,175,185)
B. Back Squat: 4x8-10 @ 20x0; rest 2min (moderate) (205,225,245,265)
C1. Cyclist Squats: 4x5 @ 5010; rest 90sec (165,175,180,195)
C2. Wtd. Wide Grip Pullups: 4x2-3 @ 20x1; rest 90sec (46,51,53.5,62)
D. SL BB Deadlift: 3x2/leg @ 3111; rest 75sec b/t legs (165,185,195)

Notes: Overate before going to an early bed time.  Not sure if the first 5 hours I slept because I kept hallucinating that I was still coaching classes.  I still felt full so I got up for a half hour to get some water and to let my stomach settle.  Got back into bed and was able to get back to sleep but it wasn't a very restful sleep.  Didn't help that I had to get up early to run the warm-up at or local 5k turkey trot.  I was feeling better after breakfast but still felt sluggish.

Got to the gym and I was fired up to lift.  Haven't snatched in a while so I was pumped to get after it but I also knew that I wanted to hit perfect technique and I didn't want many misses.  Tweaked my medial left knee during warm-up.  I stomped the floor and I must have broken up a piece of scar tissue there because it was pretty painful.  I did a little squatting and it didn't seem to give me any problems so I used my best judgement and went on with the workout.  

Snatches felt good.  I was staying over the bar nicely and getting back under the bar with pretty good mechanics.  I noticed that when I road the bar down and didn't just drop out I was able to keep better position in the catch.  Either way I caught some good snatches today with little to no problem.

Back squats felt good today and didn't bother my patella tendons at all.  Sat back from the top of the squat and I was able to hold good position so I think this is how I will go about squatting from here on out, rather than trying to go down "perfectly" vertical.  Cyclist squats weren't too bad, but I didn't push it on the weight because I wanted to keep form perfect and recruit the right muscles getting out of the hole.  Wtd. pullups felt good with extension through thoracic.  Kept my shoulder in a better position and I was able to get the chin over the bar every time, heavier than last week.

Lost stability on single leg deadlifts.  Also, going that heavy off one leg, trying to drive it through the ground felt a little sketchy on my knee do I might have extended more from my hip than driving my heels through the ground.

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