Thursday, November 1, 2012

Training: 11/1/2012

HRV: 95 (+5/green)
HR: 57

Wtd. Side Planks: 3x60sec/side; rest 90sec b/t sides (15,15,20)
Yoke Carry: 5x35sec; rest 60sec (275,285,295,305,315)
Airdyne 5min @ Z1
Airdyne 2min @ 80%
Airdyne 2min @ 50%
x 5sets
Avg. 44 cals/2min
Avg. Watts: 315

Notes: Felt pretty good getting up this morning despite waking up for a few hours in the middle of the night.  When this happens I have been taking a little magnesium and within an hour I seem to get back to sleep.  Did a brief warm-up then went right into the side planks.  Feeling more comfortable with this movement.  I built up in BB carries.  All sets felt good and wasn't too crazy of a challenge.  Just focusing on keeping hips in proper position while maintaining midline stability.  Airdyne felt good, even though my quads are still smoked from Monday.  Noticed that the cadence is what dictates the wattage on the Airdyne.......

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