Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Training: 10/9/2012

HRV: 98 (-1/amber)
HR: 48

A. Reverse Ball Toss: 4x1.1.1; rest 2min (max throw ~ 42')
B. Jerk Dips: 3x5; rest 2min (245,265,295)
C. Jerk Support and Recovery: 5x1; rest 3-5min (275,295,315,335,355)
D. Clean and Jerk: 3x1; rest 5min (255,265,280)
E. Front Squat: 4x2 @ 11x0; rest 60sec

Notes: Woke up today at 6:30 and rather than trying to go back to sleep like I usually do, I decided to just get up and see if this made a change in how I felt.  I think it did.  Got to the gym, did a little bit of dynamic warm-up and then hit the reverse ball toss.  I worked on this on Sunday, but I tweaked a couple of things that I noticed in my video.  Namely staying back and through my heels and following through on the throw.  Hit 42' today, though looking back at the video I would have foot faulted if I did it competition.  Just have to watch my feet and I should be good for over 40'.

Jerk dips felt good today and I am finding my groove with them.  Support and recovery felt good as well.  I am learning to get my weight on that dropped back knee.  This is allowing me to get under the bar a lot smoother.  

For the clean and jerks, I decided I wasn't going to be crushed by the bar to.  I decided to power clean as high as I could, and then ride the bar down as it got heavier.  Worked nicely as I hit a surprisingly easy 280lbs..  Need a better dip and drive on the jerk next time but I am now confident on a good number for Sunday (where I am going to be FIRED UP and fresh).  You never know when you are going to get in or out of a rut.  I think, however, that I am catching my upswing at exactly the right time......

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