Monday, October 29, 2012

Training: 10/29/2012

HRV: 78 (-10/red)-taken seated at edge of bed
HR: 69.5

Notes: I went to bed a little early last night figuring that I would need the extra rest.  I think I had a bit of a fever during the night because I was having weird, whacked out dreams.  I woke up at 2:30, took some Nyquil, then went back to sleep where I woke up at 8:40am.  I felt pretty good when waking up and when I took my HRV, my HR was way elevated and red.  I am thinking that this is a bit of a false reading because I was doing my HRV sitting up in bed the week prior.  Again, I just had to go by feel here and since the cold is only localized in my head, I figured I would give it a go today and see how I felt.

Got to the gym and did 5x30sec thrusters (45lbs.) rest 30sec to get warm.  The gym is starting to get colder with the change in season so I have to be creative on how I can quickly get warm.  No problems breathing during this portion so I continued as planned with todays workout.  

During my warm-up sets of split squat I noticed that I was feeling it in my lower back like last week, so I made a little tweak in my pelvis positioning to allow my glutes to be more active and stabilize my midline.  The power leak I was getting last week was gone and my back felt much better.  NEED TO MAKE A MENTAL NOTE OF THIS FOR SQUATTING HERE OUT!  I have been looking into externally rotated shoulder positioning and noticed that I am naturally internally rotated which causes my elbows to flare out during most movements.  I pre-set the shoulder into external rotation today by turning my arm towards the ceiling and then flipping my hand down.  The shoulder felt much more stable and my elbow was tight to my side.  I have a little lack of ROM in flexion + external rotation so I will work on this in warm-ups/cool downs so I don't mess anything else up.  Felt strong when doing this in the torso rows/L-pullups.  Back squats were better than last week with better pelvic positioning.  Legs were still jello-y afterward though.

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