Sunday, October 28, 2012

Training: 10/27/2012

HRV: 88.1 (-11/amber) (taken standing up)
HR: 60

A. Ring Series x 3; rest 5min
-Strict Muscle Ups: AMRAP (-1)
-Ring Dips: AMRAP (-2)
-Max L-Sit
-FWD Roll to Hang
- 2 SL Extended 360 Pulls
- Strict Pullups: AMRAP (-1)

B. Ring HSPU: 3xAMRAP(-2) @ 30x2; rest 2min
C1. GHD Side Situps: 3x3-5/side @ 2020; rest 30sec b/t sides + 60sec
C2. Dragon Flags: 3x5 @ 4count neg.; rest 60sec
D. DB Incline Cuban Press: 3x6-8 @ 3021; rest 90sec

Notes: Ring series was tough.  Muscle ups felt very good.  Still a little hitch getting through the rings but feel strong.  Ring HSPU felt good, but tough to keep from over extending the lower back.  GHD side situps weren't bad.  I actually used weight with them.  Dragon flags felt good.  Didn't feel the cuban press in the back of my shoulders as much as usual.

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