Saturday, October 27, 2012

Training: 10/26/2012

HRV: 99.1 (-5/green)
HR: 51.9

A. Wide Stance, Low Bar Good Mornings: 4x6-8 @ 4011; rest 3min (165,175,180,185)
B. SL Deadlift: 4x4-6 @ 3111; rest 75sec b/t legs (95,105,115, 120)
C. SL DB Back Extensions: 3x6-8 @ 2010; rest 30sec b/t legs (20x3)
D. Demel Deadlifts: 2x15-20; rest 90sec (135,145)

Notes: Started off with the WSLBGM.  Wore my weightlifting shoes for this movement and I think it is a disadvantage in the movement due to the fact that the weightlifting shoes prevent you from staying in your heels as you push your hips back.  My lower back was rounding a bit at the end range of motion and it tightened up.  Next time I will definitely go barefoot or no soled shoes.

SL deadlifts left side much weaker in both stability and strength of glute activation.  Noticed on video that I was initiating the movement with my legs and hips on the right leg and my lower back on the left leg.  Same deal on the back extensions.  I felt it was much easier to activate glutes on right side rather than left.  

Demel deadlifts were better on the second set when I took off my weightlifting shoes.  Felt it more in the butt and hamstrings and was able to go a bit heavier.

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