Monday, October 22, 2012

Training: 10/22/2012

HRV: 91 (-9/amber)
HR: 42

A. BB Split Squat: 4x6-8/leg @ 31x0; rest 90sec b/t legs (95,105,110,115)
B1. Alt. Lunges @ 45 degrees: 3x4/4 @ 2111; rest 60sec (85,95,105)
B2. DB Torso Rows: 3x10,8,6 @ 30x1; rest 60sec b/t arms (44,50,60)
C1. Back Squat: 2x12 @ 3120; rest 90sec (145,150)
C2. L-Pullups on Rings: 2xAMRAP in 60"; rest 90sec (13,12)

Notes: First day back to real training after the last week recovering and cleansing after the OPTathlon 3.0.  I was raring to get back into things and woke up with a very steady HR and a HRV scores of -9.  I am figuring this is thrown off from last week's Monday score, which was taken after the OPTathlon.  I went into this workout with caution, but since the movements were pretty basic, I felt pretty comfortable.  Split squats were ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL.  Haven't done single leg or tempo work in a while and this hurt bad.  I had jello legs afterward and I still had 40minutes left in the workout.  For the rest of the workout I focused on perfect reps, not just putting up heavier weights.  Lunges were tough to stay balanced. I liked the torso rows and definitely felt those in my rhomboid/scap. Back squats were torture and crushed my quads and butt.  Tough to keep in the legs up in the L-pullups because of the smoked hip flexors.  

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