Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OPTathlon 3.0

HRV: 99 (+12/green)
HR: 48
Mood/Restfulness (1-5): 4

I got back to Florida around 5pm yesterday after flying out from Sand Diego at 6:45am.  Needless to say I didn't have a great night's sleep the night before (as shone by my -11/amber HRV score).  Now I know, from what I learned from this weekend, it is simply spill over from the days competition.  Today I am feeling much better.  Figured I start with the results of each event just to get that out of the way:

Event #1:
Max ground to overhead in 10minutes:
2011: 125kg
2012: 127kg 

My quads, after sitting for the last 2 days were not what they were in Florida.  Hit some descent cleans in the pits, building up to 265lbs.  Went right out and put 125 on the bar and smoked it.  Then I went up 2 kilos to my training best.  I got a little forward in the pull and missed.  The next attempt, I had a better pull but got buried in the hole after trying to bounce out twice.  I gave it one last attempt and eked out the clean by the skin of my teeth.  As usual, I had no problem locking out the jerk.  I stopped there with 1:30 left on the clock.  I would have liked to PR, but I just have to go with the way my body was feeling.

Event #2:
Max Standing Triple Jump (3 attempts)
2011: 23'11"
2012: 26'4"

I was fired up for the triple jump and I knew I could make up some ground here.  Warmed up with bounding and COG jumps in addition to doing a row sprint to prime my anaerobic pump for the row sprints directly afterward.  I hit 26'4" on my first attempt, but then got a little vertical in my second attempt.  My final attempt, my coach spotted his foot a little over 27'.  I got three solid jumps, and stuck the landing right at his feet, but I couldn't stop my momentum from falling backward and I missed on my final attempt.  That would have been a real big boost in my score, but I was happy to hit that first mark.

Event #3:
Row 500m
rest 90sec
Row 500m
2011: 1:33.1/135.7
2012: 133.1/133.5

In my warm-up I did a 1min row and was holding a 1:22 for the duration.  When I got on a rower during the competition, I found that I was unable to pull under 1:30.  The rower that I was using in the competition was newer, so I think that this is where the variation came from.  No matter, this is what I would be using in regionals anyway.  First row went well, and I recovered pretty quickly.  The second row, I was fired up and started out a little faster than my first row, feeling very confident.  At the 200m mark, the pain started getting serious and my quads and forearms were giving way.  With a push from fellow competitor Mike McG., I just got it done.  Afterward my quads and forearms were pooled with blood, but I was good to go after about 15 minutes.

Event #4:
8min AMRAP:
8 Thrusters (115lbs.)
8 CTB Pullups
8 Bar Jumping Burpees
2012: 5 rounds + 7 thrusters

Warmed up for this one with 9 minutes of aerobic work then some mobility.  At this point in the game, my legs were feeling a bit weary, but I trusted in the fact that once the timer went off, I would be good to go.  Sure enough, I felt okay going unbroken on my first two sets of movements.  The third set, I decided to break up the thrusters into 4 and 4 in order to keep myself from red lining.  The hurt really came done about 4 minutes into this workout, much earlier than I anticipated.  I kept the breathing going and stayed relaxed through the thrusters and burpees.  In doing this workout, I think it might be advantageous in the future to get back on the bar quicker and hit smaller sets, than it is to wait a little longer and go with larger unbroken sets.  I suppose this is movement dependent however.  I paced this workout just right, because I had nothing left by the end as I was left writhing for a few moments afterward.

Event #5:
Reverse Shot Toss (3 attempts)
2011: 29'8"
2012: 35'1"

Got a few throws in during warm-ups but the way the throw station was set up, there was a big step blocking the turf so that if you stepped back too far, you would trip over it.  I hit larger throws in training, but I was letting my momentum carry me backward.  Not displeased with my result, it is what it is.

Event #6:
3k Run for Time
2011: 12:03
2012: 12:01

I knew going into this run that I had to be James F., or Max wouldn't let me hear the end of it.  In thinking about it afterward, this was a great opportunity to gain confidence in my abilities.  I was going up against an opponent that was on paper better than me at this event.  I didn't care though, I was going to push it right from the beginning and hold on for as long as I could, no excuses.  Right out of the gate I pushed the pace, hitting the first 200m in 41 seconds.  The next lap only took me 1:24, and I was putting away some insurance for later in the race.  Every time I looked back, James was there, about 20m behind me.  I was feeling good through the first 3 laps, but with 1 mile to go, it starting becoming difficult to pull my feet up.  My calves and hamstrings just felt weak.  800m to go and James was still about 20m back.  I had been putting down a ferocious pace for the last 8 and a half minutes and now I had a little over 3 minutes to go.  I am not a strong kicker at the end of races so I knew I need some buffer over that last 100m stretch.  I laid down the hammer with 800m to go and pushed the pace further.  400m to go, and I could barely see straight, but I kept the thoughts that Rory had talked about the day before in my head, "Set micro-goals.  Just make it the corner, see how you feel then."  I took that last lap turn by turn, and when I was the final 100m mark, I threw everything I had into it, looking back to see if James was coming.  He narrowed the gap to 10m, but I had just enough to hold on threw the finish line.  I collapsed in the turf afterward, writhing, giving everything I had for those 12 minutes.  James came threw the line feeling fine.  I had been in James's many times before, beaten by a little but walking away fine.  I was willing to put it all out there, and I got he prize at the end.  The prize was worth the suffering.

All in all, I had an awesome weekend.  I can't help but to feel happy being around a group of such nice and colorful athletes.  I learned a great deal of information from my peers, and I also learned a lot about myself.  I am now done with competing for a while now, but I know that when game time comes I have the mental game to get it done.  Now I have to back it up with the physical aspect.  This is where the next chapter begins......

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