Friday, October 5, 2012

Training: 10/5/2012

HRV: 99 (1/green)-sitting up
HR: 47

A. COG SL Jumps: 4x1/leg; rest 20sec b/t
B. Bounding practice
C. Triple Jump Practice (7min)
D. Clean and Jerk: Build to heavy single + 5x1; rest 2min (use 85% of single)
E. Front Squat: 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 2min (235,255, 270, 275(f)x2)

Notes: Felt a bit tired waking up today.  Over the last three days I have been taking my HRV sitting up so I really can't go by the results for a weeks time.  Had some pop warming up at the gym, but I definitely felt my CNS was fatigued.  The jumping warm-ups felt pretty good, and my body felt fairly fresh however.  Built up pretty slowly on the clean and jerks, and hit a smooth 265lbs., which is usually a tough grind for me.  Good sign that I can now hit 265 consistently.  Decided to make a big PR jump rather than trying to go sub-maximal again, but my brain was just not having it.  Missed the rack on the first try and then got buried on the second try.  When I bottom out with a heavy weight, that is all she wrote.  I dropped down to 280, put a solid pull on it, but just couldn't quite get passed that stick point.  Again, I think the volume and intensity over the last few weeks has just beaten me down, but I remain optimistic that after de-loading I will have the ability to go 280+.  Also thinking about just sticking to a power clean at next week's competition so I don't get buried again.  Technique is there, but just have to have the brain/body behind it.  

Was shot after my first double front squat.  Had nothing left mentally.  Just going to ride this wave and hope that on the other side I am stronger than where I started.  

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