Friday, September 28, 2012


HRV: 100 (+2/green)
HR: 44

AM Training:
A. Cleans from blocks: 4x2.2.2; rest 30sec b/t reps/3min (235,240,247.5, 250)
B. Split Jerk: 6x1; rest 3min (250,260,275,285,290,302.5(f))
C. Shankle Complex: 3 sets (155,205,235)

Notes: Felt a bit beat down but it's to be expected after hard weeks of training.  Needed to muster up some courage for the beat down I was going to experience with heavy cleans.  Got through three sets and then I went H.A.M. on the final set.  Clean have been feeling real good and I am getting more and more confident about catching heavy weights in the hole and having the confidence to stand up with them. 

Split jerks felt a bit better today, despite the fact that my legs were pretty shot from cleans.  Focused on a vertical dip, drive, and drop.  Caught 285 really nice.  Was sloppy on 290.  And pushed 302.5 out in front for my first miss of the day.  I think I have that with fresh legs but who cares.  Finished up with a solid go at the shankle complex.  Jerks felt very good here.  I am almost more comfortable jerking after a clean than I am from the blocks.

PM Training:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45lbs.)
30 Pullups
Time: 6:10

Notes:  I was supposed to go with a different workout for my evening tester, but I decided to switch it with Jackie, which I was slated to do next week anyway.  We were testing Jackie at the gym today, so I had some inspiration watching all my athletes grit it out.  I had a small 6pm so I decided to warm-up and give it a go with them.  Row wasn't my fastest ever, and the lifting from the morning definitely effected me here.  Got off the rower and got right to the thrusters which were fine on my grip and shoulders, but just squatting burn my butt....bad!   Finished off with pullups unbroken.  Walked away feeling fine.  Given the difficult AM session, I was pleased with the effort.

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