Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Training: 9/5/2012

HRV: 104 (green/+4)
HR: 45

AM Training:
A1. Push Press: 5x2-3 @ 21x1; rest 2:30 (205,225,235,245,250(2))
A2. Wtd Chin-ups(drop sets): 5x2.2; rest 2:30 (63/53,68/58,70.5/60.5,73/63,75.5/65.5)
B1. Renegade Rows: 4x6/6 @ 21x0; rest 105sec (50x4)
B2. Wtd. Dips: 4x5-7 @ 30x1; rest 105sec (53,63,73,82(6))
C. Cuban Press: 3x4-6 @ 6010; rest 90sec(33x3)

Notes:  Felt a lot better than I did yesterday.  More mentally focused and motivated.  Warmed up with some light scap work and shoulder mobility.  Push presses felt good.  It has been a while since I have tried them out and I think this is the most I have ever done.  Don't have nearly as much confidence in chin-ups however.  Definitely can get stronger there.

For dips I focused on proper technique and I didn't have any shoulder problems during or after.  For cuban presses, I focused on keeping shoulders back and using the external rotators to lower the weight.

PM Training:
7min AMRAP:
150 Double Unders (RX Jump rope standard weight)
7 Wall Balls
7 Burpees

Notes:  I have done a similar workout before at the first OPTathlon.  I thought it was the same at first but it turns out there are 2 extra burpees per round.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do all 150 double unders unbroken, but I said what the heck and went for it.  Turns out I did 160 by mistake.  Haven't used that jump rope since the competition last year, so it seems my double under capacity is getting better.  

I focused on good technique on the burpees which I think slowed me down.  I wan't to keep a steady pace the whole time, but it just wasn't fast enough to get to my goal of 7 rounds.  Went really fast on the last 7 burpees which tells me I had a good amount in the tank but didn't have the guts or the nerve to hurt for that long.  This is where being strong comes in handy.  Combing capacity with strength allows you to go faster without the hurt coming on.

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