Saturday, September 29, 2012

Training: 9/29/2012

HRV: 103 (+3/green)
HR: 49

12min AMRAP @ 85%:
200m Row
5 Hang Power Snatch
8 Toes to Bar
Result: 7 rounds
12min AMRAP @ 85%:
20 Double Unders
10 KB Swings (24kg)
200m Run
Result: 6 Rounds + 17 Double Unders
12min AMRAP @ 85%:
200m Run
20 Cal Airdyne
10 Box Jumps (30"-step down)
Result: 4 Rounds + 50m Run

Notes: Another early Saturday morning workout.  I got a terrible night's sleep last night.  I had a real hard time getting to bed and I think I was up until about 2am.  I was surprised to see that my HRV was green this morning so I trusted the system and headed to the gym.  Felt good warming up with good spirit.  AMRAPs felt good and my body wasn't too beaten down from the tough day of training the day prior.  Focus today was on breathing while doing the movements as I tend to hold my breath and tense as I do movements like double unders and toes to bar.  Need to get this to be second nature.

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