Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Training: 9/26/2012

HRV: 101 (-5/green)
HR: 45

AM Training:
A. COG Jumps: 6x1; rest 20sec b/t legs
B. Bounding Dills: 2 sets x 30m
C1. Bench Press: 5,3,1,6-7,6-7 @ 30x0; rest 2min (225,245,280,225(6),225(6))
C2. L-Pullups: 5x6 @ 20x0; rest 2min (5x6)
D1. Wtd. Ring Dips: 3x6-8 @ 10x1 w/ 45 degree turn out; rest 90sec (53,63,53)
D2. No feet rope climbs: 3x1; rest 90sec
E. Cuban Press: 3x4-6 @ 4010; rest 90sec (50)

Notes: I definitely enjoyed the bounding and jumping drills.  Felt the glutes and hips working during these drills and also felt the idea of keeping the momentum going forward throughout the bound.  

Bench press went alright.  Haven't been able to put up quite as much weight as I used to using new bench press technique.  L-pullups felt good and I am beginning to get more confident in them.  Still getting comfortable with the 45 degree turn out on ring dips.  Wasn't able to get too heavy because I couldn't turn out completely with heavier weight.  All good elsewhere.

PM Training:
10min Run Warm-up
70sec @ 3k Pace/50sec rest
x5 sets
-rest 3min
70sec @ 3k Pace/50sec rest
5min Cooldown
Avg: 305-320 (pace-5:52 mile)
Avg. HR: 170 (max 176)

Notes: Solid warm-up and lower back and hamstrings felt good.  Form wasn't perfect today, so I plan on doing some barefoot running at some point in the next week.  Pacing was good however and I am seeing good results on the runs.  Heart rate is under control and body feels good.

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