Sunday, September 2, 2012

Training: 9/2/2012

HRV: 102 (Green/-4)
HR: 47.3

AM Training:
A. Power Clean: 5x2.2.2; rest 15sec/3min (225,230,235,240,242.5(4))
B. Split Jerk: 3x1.; rest 15sec/3min (245,260,275)
C. GH Raises: 3x5.5.5; rest 2min (30,20,BW)

Notes: Felt good this morning.  I have been working on technique over the last week and I think today my power cleans have been the best they have ever felt.  Hitting 240 on the 4th set felt good.  Had a bit of a breakthrough on the split jerks as well.  I was not dipping deep enough to incorporate my hips.  Dipping a little bit more allowed me to get tension in my hips and glutes which added to the drive.  GH raises smoked my hamstrings.

PM Training:
Reverse Shot Toss: EMOM x 15min (avg. 35')
5min Run Warm-up
800m Run @ 80%; rest 3min x 2sets (3:50, 3:30)
10min rest
800m Run @ 80%; rest 3min x 2sets (3:21, 3:23)
10min cooldown

Notes: Reverse shot tosses went okay.  If I can squeak in another foot or so, I will be good for the competition.  Worked on loosening my psoas prior and during running to ensure my back stayed loose.  Seemed to work.  Lastly, I worked on a more efficient pull to prevent being late out of the back.

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