Friday, September 21, 2012

Training: 9/21/2012

HRV: 102 (-/green)
HR: 45.8

AM Training:
A. Clean from blocks: 3x2.2.2.; rest 30sec/3min (225,235(5), 245)
B. Split Jerk: 2,2,2,1,1,1; rest 3min (255,275,285(1), 290, 302.5 (f)
C. Shankle Complex: 3sets; rest 4min (moderate weight) (155,205,225)

Notes: Felt a little sluggish today.  Just overall fatigued.  Cleans felt good, but I just don't feel strong coming out of the bottom of any clean.  Missed one clean because I saved the prior one that was way too far forward.  Legs were a bit shot after the cleans, so the jerks were rough.  Something was just off today.  Wasn't cleanly locking anything out properly.  Didn't go crazy on the Shankle complex, but it was fun to do none the less.

PM Training:
500m Row @ 95%
rest 90sec
500m Row @ 95%
-rest 20min
500m Row @95%
rest 90sec
500m Row @ 95%

1. 1:37.2
2. 1:37.9
3. 1:35.8
4. 137.2

Notes: I was not looking forward to these after the last time I did them and suffered a good amount.  Went in with the mind set of not worrying about the pace, just feeling the technique and listening to my body.  I can't make the rate go lower.  All I can do is my best to have perfect technique, and try to make it hurt while not falling off.  I was very happy with the third effort, and it gave me good confidence going into the last row.  I was very happy with my effort this evening, especially after the rough workout this morning.

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