Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Training: 9/19/2012

HRV: 101 (-1/Green)
HR: 51

AM Training:
A1. Bench Press: 6,4,2,2,8-10,8-10 @ 40x0; rest 2min (190,205,230,245,170,175(8))
A2. L-Pullups: 6xAMRAP(-2) @ 31x1; rest 2min (4,5,4,4,4,4)
B1. Ring Dips w/ 45 degree turn out: 4xAMRAP(-2) @ 10x1; rest 90sec
B2. Switching Rope Pullups (sub for rope climbs): 4x14; rest 90sec
C. Cuban Press: 3x5-7 @ 4010; rest 90sec (45)

Notes: Felt pretty good this morning.  Not too beat down from yesterday other than lower back from deadlifts.  Felt good on the bench press.  No real pain in my shoulders, but boy did I burn from the tempo!  L-pullups felt good.  I tried bringing my legs higher up then settled them down a bit.  This seemed to set a better, more sustainable L position.  Hip flexors and abs were limiter here.  

For the ring dips, really tried to turn out to 45 degrees each time at the top, but I think I am lacking a bit of mobility because it seem like the rotation is coming more from the elbow than it is the shoulder.  Didn't have access to the rope today, so I manufactured something that seemed similar to the no foot rope climbs.  Finally starting to feel the cuban presses in my external rotators rather than my front delts.

PM Training:
10min Z1 Run
5 sets:
60sec @ 3k pace/walk 60sec
-rest 3min

5 sets:
60sec @ 3k pace/walk 60sec

5min cooldown

avg: ~278-290m (sub 6min mile pace)

Notes: Hammies are pretty smoked from deadlifts and snatches the day before.  This seemed to be the limiter here.  Heart rate held steady at around 165 until the last 10sec where it crept into the low to mid 170s.  Pretty good effort here given the circumstances.

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