Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Training: 9/18/2012

HRV: 102 (+1/Green)
HR: 48

AM Training:
A. Power Skips: 20m EMOM x 6
B. OH Shot Toss: 3x1.1.1; rest 2min
C. Hang Power Snatch (mid-thigh)+ Hang Snatch: 5x1+1 @ 80% effort; rest 3min
D. Snatch Pulls: 3x3 @ 97% 1RM; rest 4min (210)
E. Front Squat: 3,2,2,5,5; rest 3min (245, 260, 270, 245, 252.5)

Notes: Had good energy this morning.  I liked the power skips.  Made me focus on driving the down leg through the ground opening the hip completely.  Focused on fast not powerful hips on the reverse shot toss.  

On the snatches, I was screwing up the hang position.  I was starting with my shoulders too bar behind the bar and I was leaving it out front a bit.  Need to get the shoulders over the bar more and push back with the knees getting the bar into the hip with weight in my heels before I initiate full extension.  Snatch pulls felt much better.  

Front squats have been a problem for me since I tweaked my right knee at the Raid Games.  I have trouble generating power through my right side and it feels like a truck on my chest.  After the 4th set however, I really felt good and hit a solid set of 5.

PM Training:
3 rounds for Time:
10 Deadlifts (275lbs.)
50 Double Unders
Time: 3:38

Notes:  Was thankfully off after my first workout so I went home and chilled.  Took an epsom salt bath too.  This may have made my muscles too relaxed going into the second workout.  I think I will limit these to just during the evening moving forward.  Did some 30/30 sec double unders and built up to heavy set of 3 before putting on the weight for the workout.  I would be lying if I said the morning snatch work didn't effect my lower back.  Deadlifts in general felt fine however, which is a good sign.  What was frustrating however was missing multiple times on my double unders.  I think when my heart rate is that high I have a hard time staying focused on hitting my double unders.  I think it's heart rate rather than grip fatigue.  

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