Sunday, September 16, 2012

Training: 9/16/2012

HRV: 98 (-3/Amber)
HR: 48

3x400m Row (70%,80%,95%); rest 2min
1:26.3 (162 BPM)
1:18.3 (173 BPM)
1:13.3 (180 BPM)

Notes: Terrible night's sleep.  I am beginning to realize that when I wake up after a lousy night's sleep (in a complete fog), an amber HRV reading is bound to happen.  Third row sprint hurt a lot.  I was focusing on keeping the arms straight through the catch, then being quick with the hands in through the chest and back out again.  Felt good.  I skipped the second part of today's workout because of the HRV reading (supposed to also do 3 rounds: 10 Deadlift (275lbs.) + 50 Double Unders.   

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